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Игры → Star Trek - Elite Force II ...:::RIP:::...

Скачать бесплатно Star Trek - Elite Force II ...:::RIP:::... Star Trek - Elite Force II (c) Activision

About the Game:

In this sequel to the critically acclaimed first person action game, you
resume the role of Alexander Munro, chief of the Hazard Team, Starfleet's
elite security unit. Now assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-E,
you'll explore strange new worlds, battle against both new and familiar
civilizations and go on the most dangerous assignments in the galaxy.
After a brief prologue on the U.S.S. Voyager and a short stint at
Starfleet Academy, the Hazard Team is assigned its toughest mission
yet - duty onboard the Federation's renowned flagship, the U.S.S.
Enterprise NCC 1701-E.

-> Better, Bigger, Longer
Building on the shoulders of its critically acclaimed predecessor, Star
Trek Elite Force II features a more open level design than traditional
shooters by offering different solution paths to several of the game's
mission objectives. Additionally, the game consists of 11 missions for
the biggest Elite Force game yet.
-> Explore Strange New Worlds.
In the true spirit of Starfleet and exploration, Star Trek Elite Force
II transports the player to a series of increasingly exotic outdoor
locations like expansive alien landscapes and the void of space.
-> New Ship, New Faces
As a new crewman aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E players can
interact with the ship's systems and fellow crewmen such as the legendary
Captain Jean Luc-Picard as they repel invaders and prepare for missions.
-> Set Phasers To Frag
Players can dish out the damage with a variety of ranged weapons including
improved phasers, an enhanced I-Mod and all new weapons like Romulan
disrupters and a tetryon gatling gun. Melee weapons such as the Klingon
Bat'Leth make their mark in multiplayer, and a fully functional Tricorder
will be available for scanning and interacting with environments.
-> Lookin' Good
Sporting the latest QUAKE III: Team Arena code base, Star Trek Elite Force
II features even better graphics than its predecessor. Character models
and textures offer greater detail and environments are even more stunning.
The QUAKE III: Team Arena engine also allows for larger outdoor environments
allowing designers to create massive alien landscapes.
-> A Holomatch Made In Heaven
Similar to the original game, Star Trek Elite Force II offers several
multiplayer modes but with new features and weapons taken from the single
player game, including melee weapons. Returning multiplayer modes include
Holomatch, Capture The Flag, and Team Holomatch.

1) Launch "_Unpak.bat" to unpack datas.
2) Launch "EF2.exe" to play. To activate subtitles go to:
Configure -> Game Options -> Gameplay Setup and set
Dialog text to "Always".
3) Enjoy baby!!


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28 апреля 2006    Добавил: Demonxx   Просмотров: 1 733  Комментарии: 0  

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