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While the tactical shooting series has had its ups and downs over the years, the original Delta Force, released way back in 1998, was arguably one of the best tactical first-person shooters of its era. Jumping on the recent trend of taking classic games and remaking them with modern technology, NovaLogic has recently released Delta Force Xtreme, a budget-priced director's cut of sorts of the very first Delta Force. While we'd normally tell you to run screaming from any game with the word "Xtreme" in its title, Delta Force Xtreme holds up surprisingly well for a game released when Clinton was still in the White House. In fact, when you toss in its 32-player multiplayer modes and modern graphics, Delta Force feels perfectly suitable for a budget title.
So, to answer your first question right off the bat...yeah, Delta Force Xtreme feels a little barren for a modern shooter. In 1998, "tactical shooter" meant you got to have computer-controlled teammates, and occasionally they shot at the bad guys. Nowadays, there are all sorts of crazy cover-fire mechanics and unit commands and what have you to take into account, so anyone expecting a tactical shooter by today's standards isn't going to find it here. Essentially, the premise of the game is that you're a nameless soldier in the Delta Force. There's really not any plot to speak of, save for little bits of mission briefings that occur before and after each individual mission. There are three campaigns and about 20 missions total in the single-player, which is actually less than what was in the original game, which featured five campaigns and roughly 40 missions (though a few missions have been added to the included campaigns to pad out the length a bit). While that might initially seem disappointing, the focus of the game really isn't the single-player gameplay, and after spending some time with it, it will become abundantly clear why.


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