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Project Eden is a first and third person squad-based science fiction adventure/action/puzzle game that relies heavily on setting and mood to facilitate a logical progression of puzzles that require a sensible eye and proper usage of the game's four characters to complete.

Upon first entrance into the world of Project Eden, you'll realize something, when they say the game takes place in a massive vertical city, they mean massive. Contrary to engines of late that, however advanced, are primarily flat in design with maybe several two or three-story structures dotting winding corridors, Eden is capable of drawing immense series' of elaborate architecture at truly dizzying heights. Just looking up nearly anytime in an "outdoor" environment (said loosely because the entire thing takes place in a packed city after all) and you'll be dazzled by the lush, incredibly well articulated, vibrantly colorful buildings and structures that comprise the mega city. That's not to say it's without its claustrophobia. No, in fact the levels in Project Eden are both vast in scale as well as proportion. It may take you up to an hour or more just to complete one level that requires players to navigate in and out of dank passageways, burnt out rubble, and long forgotten city streets solving a series of intertwined puzzles.

Though admittedly marred by a somewhat lacking amount of texture detail at close ranges, (or as I like to refer to it, the "I'm also a PS2 game" bug) the game's liberal usage of polygons, shadowing, and color bring a game world depended on by its play mechanisms to an entirely new level of believability. As you trudge deeper and deeper into the cavernous, ominous black heart of the shaded wretched underbelly of a pristine city you'll not only be seized by the world's aesthetic luster, but by the immersion it creates.

Subtle details round out Eden's initial blast of design and color, such as the flashlight; a natural, realistic looking circular light that bends and melds with the environment, contorting to meet walls. Even those who pride themselves on technical detail, curvature, and outright texture quality found in various Quake 3 powered games will be hard pressed not to recognize and respect the meticulously crafted and cared for beauty that Eden brings with it.

These aesthetical factors set and maintain an ever-present unmistakable mood of apprehension, wonder and intrigue, and allow for genuine anticipation of what the next area will bring. This principle of graphics to further design and play will make the title's already robust play mechanics, and everything else found herein, that much more enjoyable.

Aurally, Eden does a fantastic job with background noises and sound effects, but some of the voice acting is a little suspect. Carter, your team leader, is the most egregious offender. His dialog is borderline Jake Lloyd. I'm talking the kind of, "I want to repeatedly punch Anakin in the face and/or testicle" annoying. A court wouldn't convict you of murder if you told them this drove you to it. The rest of your crew, Andre especially, as well as the various under life that you'll come across in your travels are all played out well and fit their parts to a tee. Thankfully you rarely have to put up with the spurts of dribble that come spewing from Dumb Ass's head (as he will from now on be referred).

Music? It's pretty much all background noise and heavy scary movie tones that touch up the atmosphere. The very fact that if there is more music than that and I can't remember it means it's great! Or at least never obtrusive, never annoying, albeit probably nonexistent.


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19 апреля 2006    Добавил: Demonxx   Просмотров: 2 298  Комментарии: 0  

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