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The voracious Tasmanian Devil (or "Taz" for short), who's famous for his loud, incoherent gibbering, his ability to turn into a hyperactive brown whirlwind, and his love of eating pretty much anything, has been a member of Warner Bros.' classic Looney Tunes cartoon cast for years. So it would make sense for him to eventually become the star of his own game. And Taz Wanted gets off to a good start: The game features colorful, cartoon-style, flat-shaded graphics, a decent soundtrack, and voice acting ripped straight from the cartoons. But after you play Taz Wanted and struggle with its terrible camera angles and repetitive tasks, you'll probably agree that all the authentic cartoon characters in the world couldn't make this game fun, even if Taz Wanted does come packed in with an extra free game.

The "story" behind Taz Wanted, such as it is, involves Taz and his hapless girlfriend, who are both captured by the rootin'-tootin' cowboy Yosemite Sam and placed on display in a zoo as prize exhibits. Taz eventually escapes, but not before the ornery Sam grabs his lady friend and flees, so it's up to Taz to chase him down through the game's 15 levels and save the girl. But you find out about this story only after you start the game. In the introduction sequence, you'll actually see Taz accidentally crash into such Looney Tunes luminaries as Sylvester the Cat, Daffy Duck, and Elmer Fudd--but you'll see hardly any of them throughout the actual game. In fact, other than the game's tutorial, which is given by Tweety Bird, and an occasional cameo from Yosemite Sam, the appearances by other famous Looney Tunes characters are few and far between, so if you were looking to pick up Taz Wanted in hopes of visiting all your favorite characters, you'll probably be disappointed.
Unfortunately, Taz Wanted's actual gameplay is worse than disappointing. The game is a third-person platform-jumping action game that has frustratingly bad camera angles and repetitive, boring tasks. In each of the game's levels, you play as Taz, and you must destroy seven "wanted" posters, as well as complete optional goals like collecting 100 sandwiches, destroying 50 percent of the destructible objects in each level (which come in the form of crates, treasure chests, or lunch boxes, depending on which level you play), or collecting a secret golden Yosemite Sam statue. Regardless of the task at hand, Taz Wanted's camera follows Taz much too closely--it's practically glued to Taz' back and doesn't let you zoom in or out to get a better view of your surroundings. The camera also jerks about wildly whenever you try to make any kind of turn.


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21 апреля 2006    Добавил: Demonxx   Просмотров: 1 362  Комментарии: 0  

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