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Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition 2006

Share your photos in a whole new way Plus! Photo Story 2! Turn your photos into exciting photo stories by narrating the pictures, adding background music, and creating special panning and zooming effects. With the new Plus! Photo Story 2, you can also:

* Easily choose photos from your PC or MSN Groups
* Create Video CDs that play on most home DVD players
* Edit and Save projects to update your stories over time

Then play your photo stories on your desktop computer or Windows® Mobile 2003 powered Pocket PC, send them to family and friends, or publish them on the Web.

Plus! Party Mode for Windows Media® Player turns your PC into a party jukebox. Use Plus! Analog Recorder to convert your old LPs and tapes into clear, vibrant digital music files. With Plus! CD Label Maker , you can create colorful custom labels, booklets, and inserts for your CD collection. Use Plus! Dancers to turn your desktop into a dance floor for lifelike 3-D characters.

Learn more about how these and other features in Plus! Digital Media Edition take Music to the max!

Home Movies
Now you can easily add amazing special effects to your home movies by using Plus! Effects & Transitions for Windows Movie Maker 2. Make your movies even more impressive with 50 new video effects and transitions that are sure to please any audience. Then share your creations via email and the Web thanks to amazing compression, or use programs such as Sonic MyDVD to burn high quality home movies you can play in most home DVD players.

Portable Devices
Take your favorite music and video with you on your Windows® Mobile 2003 powered Pocket PC. With Plus! Sync & Go for Pocket PC, you can choose audio and video content from your Windows Media Player Media Library and have it synchronized automatically to your device.

Get the Plus! Portable Audio Devices Power Toy! This tool lets you instantly access and manage the content on a Windows Media Player 9 Series compatible portable audio device attached to your computer.


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