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Metal Gear Solid for the PC is an effective if straightforward conversion of one of the greatest action games for the Sony PlayStation console. It's an innovative game that, while originally designed exclusively for the PlayStation, is still highly playable on the PC, thanks largely to the quality of the Microsoft translation. While the PC version of Metal Gear Solid doesn't improve much on the 1998 PlayStation game, it does have a few features that take advantage of the PC's more powerful hardware.

Metal Gear Solid is a fast-paced cinematic action game in which you control a government super spy - code-named Solid Snake - who's highly trained in stealth, infiltration, and armed and unarmed combat. He's sent alone to a secret base in Alaska to stop a group of genetically enhanced terrorists who are planning to blackmail the US government. They've hijacked a prototype weapon called Metal Gear, which is reportedly equipped to deliver a nuclear strike anywhere in the world. The game's plot and characters are exaggerated, but they're very well written and highly memorable. In fact, nearly half of Metal Gear Solid consists of noninteractive story sequences in which Snake uncovers the full extent of what's at stake in his covert mission.

The story unravels partly through dialogue between Snake and his team back at base. Snake has a tiny transceiver built into his ear, which he can use to receive informative calls from a staff of specialists and send transmissions himself. These conversations switch the game to a static screen that uses voice-over and hand-drawn, animated portraits that break from the game's otherwise fully 3D graphics. The switch can seem abrupt, but the conversations are generally interesting and actually an effective means of expanding the story, as well as providing a persistent hint system; you can always call home to get advice on your situation, even in the middle of a battle. The story of Metal Gear Solid is also revealed through cutscenes using the game's 3D engine. Many of these sequences feature great cinematography, and although the game's 3D characters aren't very detailed - most notably, their facial features are blurred and aren't animated - the motion-captured cinematics are nonetheless superlative even by the latest standards.


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