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Kingpin: Life of Crime Review

The developers claim to have been greatly influenced by film. Kingpin's dialogue is inspired by and, as often as not, lifted directly from Pulp Fiction. The mob bigwig you're chasing is a Ving Rhames look- and sound-alike (the credits list Drew Markham himself as having provided the dead-on impersonation). One enemy, called The Jesus, repeatedly screams all of that character's most obscene lines from The Big Lebowski. The more obvious of these pop culture appropriations occasionally gives Kingpin the feel of an amateur novelty mod. When it comes to plot, though, Kingpin is less Tarantino and more an homage to the side-scrolling beat-'em-ups of the '80s. You're an avenging thick-necked goon traveling through a bleak urban landscape on a quest to kick some big boss tail. Quite frankly, this isn't a bad choice. It's high time someone brought Double Dragon into the world of action shooters.

The nonstop cussing rapidly becomes background noise, and you'll immediately become aware of what incredible use the developers have made of the Aging Quake II Engine (through repeated use, "Aging" is now officially part of the immortal codebase's title). Taking inspiration from the cluttered post-retro styles of City of Lost Children and Brazil, Xatrix has created a stunningly bleak cityscape. Each of the game's six locales is a beautifully depicted metropolitan nightmare - trash-strewn slum apartments, steaming grilles, rattling graffiti-covered trains, monolithic smokestacks, and grimy brick bathed in twilight all add to the dense atmosphere. The programmers have added the obligatory corona, fog, and shadow effects, along with amazing texture work and some convincingly towering architecture, giving Kingpin perhaps the most brilliant look of any virtual gameworld to date.


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29 апреля 2006    Добавил: Demonxx   Просмотров: 1 259  Комментарии: 0  

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