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The original Doom, in this almost final version that includes a never-released episode called Thy Flesh Consumed, will go down as one of the biggest computer game hits of all time. With the release of Wolfenstein 3-D, purists might set the clock ticking on 3-D action games, but Doom went farther and faster, and with much more fury.

Almost everything about this game was different from what had come before. The bloody action rivaled games like Mortal Kombat, and in many ways surpassed them with its high compulsion factor. Sleepless nights and raves around the water cooler became the sign of the hopeless Doom addict.

And the way the game was sold—we played the first episode free, then registered to pay for the chilling conclusion—proved that companies didn't need million-dollar marketing campaigns. Since then, many games have used this technique, from the popular puzzler Zoop to the robo-combat-flier Descent.

Even now, The Ultimate Doom remains ultimately playable, thanks in large part to the original design that allowed hackers to program their own levels. Doom isn't just a game, it's an environment. I can remember talking with a gearhead buddy of mine, discussing the use of the Doom engine as an operating environment for the office. “Yeah, I've got those third-quarter figures for you in an Excel spreadsheet,” you might e-mail a colleague. “You'll find it in the basement, next to the Baron of Hell. See you at the meeting.”

While Doom kept most of us awake far past midnight, it was the game's multi-player fight-to-the death Deathmatch mode that made it the bane of offices worldwide. The Ultimate Doom, with its new episode, is still worth a trip to Hell.

Doom 2

Bigger, badder, and bloodier than the original, this sequel extends the carnage started in Doom. If you like viciously violent, anti-story entertainment (Seagal, anyone?) you'll slaver at the chance to slay new monsters with perfectly robust hardware. Those seeking the ultimate in home demon protection can now protect their plane of existence with a double-barreled, pump-action, combat shotgun that blasts more holes than Mobil Oil.

Among the new monsters included, Mancubus and Arch-Vile rank at the top of the “hope there's nothing behind this door” list. Mancubus is a big droning brute of a cement mixer who hurls balls of fire. Arch-Vile, the ragged edge of a dead man's nightmare, conjures up an evil flame of death and revives dead enemies.

Even with its darkly entertaining firepower and pleasingly grotesque menagerie, the game has its flaws, like an unrelenting and simplistic soundtrack that gets pretty annoying over time. (Don't worry, though, the game's sound effects are as brilliant as they were in the original, and remain one of its best features.) More bothersome, especially for fans of the first game, is that the repetitious action in this nasty and brutish sequel just isn't as addictive as it was in the original hit. Doom II doesn't build the same visceral or emotional connection because it doesn't enhance the original experience in any original way. Compared to Hexen, for example, which broadens the Heretic legend, Doom II adds little substance and no plot to its predecessor (space marine saves earth by killing monsters isn't a plot).

Doom II is a dark, disturbing game. And while it may not bring anything new to the genre, it can create obsession-level loyalty if you tend not to look beyond the barrel of a gun.


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