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Музыка → Pink Floyd - Relics (Remastered) 1971

Pink Floyd - Relics (Remastered) 1971

Категория: Альбом
Исполнитель: Pink Floyd
Название диска: lRelics (Remastered)
Жанр Rock
Год Выпуска 1971
Количество треков 11
Время звучания n/d
Формат|Качество MP3|320
Размер файла 120 mb
Количество партов 2
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   26 мая 2007    Добавил: spyhunter   Просмотров: 986  Комментарии: 0 Подробнее...

Музыка → papa roach lovehatetragedy [LIMITED EDITION]

papa roach lovehatetragedy [LIMITED EDITION]

Категория: Альбом
Исполнитель: Papa Roach
Название диска: lovehatetragedy [LIMITED EDITION] [ENHANCED]
Жанр Rock
Год Выпуска 2002
Количество треков 11
Время звучания n/d
Формат|Качество MP3|320
Размер файла 99 mb
Количество партов 1
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О Диске For their second major-label release, Northern California's Papa Roach follow the same recipe of other rap-metal crossovers: aggressive, thick-chugging riffs, angst-driven lyrics, and touches of good ol' classic rock. Tracks "Time and Time Again," "Born with Nothing, Die with Everything," and "She Loves Me Not" have big, fat, clever choruses, which would fit with ease on harder mainstream radio. Elsewhere, they are far more engaging: "M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)" bashes away with punk stylings, and the sweeping "lovehatetragedy" includes interesting chord and tempo changes. Jacoby Shaddix (the vocalist formerly known as Coby Dick) gives an impressive performance, and while he might not have the power of most of his contemporaries, he makes up for it with his more melodic approach, even within his raps. The only thing that's lacking is a distinction factor that sets them apart from everyone else, but at least they didn't steal any Iron Maiden riffs this time.

   26 мая 2007    Добавил: spyhunter   Просмотров: 851  Комментарии: 0 Подробнее...

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